About Us

Bardez Landscape Services, Inc., is the result of a desire to reevaluate how to conduct business.

When companies grow, the first victim is the quality of service that they promise to provide.

Attention to detail, client needs and relationships are often neglected or relegated, because the business is solely oriented to make that extra profit.

Because of that conflict in business perspectives, I decided to start on my own, and in 2007, I launched Bardez Landscape Services, Inc.

My perspective is to establish that special relationship with the client, who will convey his/her desires and I will be the consultant to evaluate the entire project and execute it accordingly.

With a solid education ( MS degree in Agriculture) and years of experience and countless courses and professional certifications, I am in a position to act more as the consultant rather than just the contractor for the client's needs.

Call us and I'll make sure that we provide you with the professional service for your quality needs.

-A. Margossian 


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